Measure EQ with Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Emotional Intelligence is crucial to individual and organizational success but is often misunderstood and difficult to change without deep self-awareness. Such awareness is needed because employees often mistakenly consider all their strong traits to be strengths even when those traits are derailers. For example, employees who are blunt and offensive will usually consider they are just being honest and direct, failing to understand that their perceived strength is actually causing disruption, demotivation, and employee turnover. Frankness or directness is only a strength when it is balanced with tactfulness and respect.

The Harrison Emotional Intelligence Assessment provide the essential insight into behavioural paradoxes needed to achieve the balances related to emotional intelligence and provide a personal roadmap to achieve the subtle balances needed for emotional intelligence.

Mapped against Best Practices

Daniel Goleman identified Emotional Intelligence or EQ accounted for 67% of the abilities deemed necessary for superior performance in leaders and that it mattered twice as much as technical expertise or IQ. Harrison's Emotional Intelligence Assessment have been inspired by Daniel Goleman and Hay's well-known research into Emotional Intelligence competencies. However, we take it further by identifying a full range of balancing behaviours needed for each competency and providing a roadmap to achieve those balances. The ability to accurately identify and measure these factors provides a crucial advantage in the war for talent.

One 25 min SmartQuestionnaire

Employees who have already completed our SmartQuestionnaire don't need to complete another questionnaire to receive our Emotional Intelligence Assessment. The Emotional Intelligence Assessment analyses the existing SmartQuestionnaire data in relationship to emotional intelligence. That is one smart questionnaire.

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