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Learn how various companies in a wide variety of industries (Accounting, Airlines, Administrative, Building, Communications, Employment Agencies, Insurance, Legal, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Software, and Supply Companies) leveraged Harrison to predict success and improve employee performance.

Featured Case Study

Featured Case Study

Janice Burns - Chief Learning Officer
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Janice Burns, Chief Learning Officer at Mastercard discusses the improvements in the behavioural development of high potential employees and how Harrison has provided a common language to facilitate team building.

"It puts it into context in terms of how these preferences affect one's ability to be effective in a role".

Success stories
Success stories
Success stories
Success stories
Success stories

Harrison's global group of consultants provides invaluable feedback about how Harrison Assessments' has helped them satisfy clients and grow their business.

CEO, National Employment Agency

The Harrison Assessments' is an excellent tool for managers. My managers are now more confident in their hiring decisions and can easily identify potential weak points in candidates as well as strengths. Some of my managers proceeded to hire candidates that the Harrison Assessments' deemed incompatible to the position. Needless to say, the turnover rate was very high and they've consequently learned to trust the system.

Human Resource Manager, City Council

We used Harrison Assessments' as a tool for analysis in a team building workshop. The results we achieved exceeded anything we had been able to accomplish through traditional processes. We all benefited and there were immediate improvements in workplace performance.

Training Provider, Government Job Training Program

A current project is the selection and training of people for a new type of customer service role within BP service stations. The success of our program has been applauded nationally by the Federal Government and BP Australia. It is my belief that without the support of Harrison Assessments', this degree of success would not have been achieved. A recently conducted post-program employment analysis of graduates from the BP courses has reinforced the effectiveness of Harrison Assessments' as a tool for employment selection. Eighty-three per cent of people still remain in their positions as compared to only nineteen per cent in similar government funded training programs.

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